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Marriage Case

  • Raised: PKR3000
  • Goal: PKR30,000

White collar family need food and other expenses for marriage ceremony.

Education for Children

  • Raised: PKR 3000
  • Goal: PKR20,000/month

School education expense for children of a needy family.

Heat Stroke

  • Raised: PKR15000
  • Goal: PKR50,000

FFP will provide water in various part of the city in this hot weather.

Education for Family Children

  • Raised: PKR 1000
  • Goal: PKR20,000

Fee of three children of a jobless father.

Marriage Expense

  • Raised: PKR18,000
  • Goal: PKR18,000

Marriage dinner arrangements for 100 people are required. [Case Closed]


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Foundation Fighting Poverty verifies each & every cause by thorough analysis and documentation, only after which we start raising funds. Each case is equally important, your little donation can be someone's everything.

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