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Spotlight - HumTV Group

On children Day, Spotlight featured FFP and its activities

Tag: children, charity, ffp

The Sindh Times

The Sindh Times covered FFP in the event in IoBM, where social issues were discussed

Tag: poverty, ideas

Business Recorder

Business Recorder featured FFP in the talks about under-privileged and solution to poverty.

Tag: ffp, poverty, help

The News

The News Covered FFP activities to eradicate poverty and spread happiness

Tag: ffp, charity, poverty

Pakistan Tribe

Pakistan Tribe Covered FFP's strategy to end poverty in our country.

Tag: poverty, pakistan, strategy


FFP visited CBM in the talks about less privileged and future of Pakistan

Tag: talk, future, strategy

Climate Beacons Network

ClimateBN acknowledging FFP's effort for plantation and climate change control

Tag: plantation, climate, environment