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Abdullah Ehsan Syed


Mr. Abdullah is an external auditor, a social entrepreneur and Director at Royal Tourism Pakistan by profession. He serves as President and the founder of Foundation Fighting Poverty. His selfless devotion towards helping humanity and quality leadership has lead this NGO to come this far.

Talha Ahmed

General Secretary

Mr. Talha is technology and management professional and serves as General Secretary of FFP. His multi-tasking, can-do attitude and strategic skills have helped strengthen FFP.

Mohammad Hassan

Vice President

Mr. Hassan is a business-person by profession and serves as Vice President of FFP. His efforts for the past 5 years, has helped FFP hugely in expanding nation-wide operations.

Adnan Ahsan

Head of USA Wing

Mr. Adnan is software developer by profession and has been serving FFP since past 8 years. He is the head of FFP - USA wing. He is one of the most senior member and a great part of FFP family.

Kashif Sarwari

Finance Director

Mr. Kashif Sarwari is national level basketball athlete and serving FFP as Finance Director. His selfless dedication and efforts have helped FFP in various campaigns.

Sabih Sheikh


Mr. Sabih is affiliated with ACCA and working in Ernst and Young. He is serving FFP as Director, his initiatives and ideas have been beneficial for FFP's growth.

Ammar Hameez Zafar


Mr. Hameez is IT and Business professional. He is experienced in managing large teams with ease. His dedication and management skills are crucial for FFP.

Hadiqa Saleem Khan


Ms. Hadiqa is human resource professional with experience in multi-national companies. Her human resource management skills and dedication has been exceptional. She is serving FFP as Director.

Dr. Muhammad Ali


Mr. Muhammad Ali is management and IT professional with experience in MNCs like Siemens. His selfless hardwork for humanity and ideas have been an asset to Foundation Fighting Poverty.

Osama Shaikh

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Osama Shaikh is a qualified Chartered Accountant. By Profession, he is an auditor at Ernst and Young (EY) and Managing Director at Royal Tourism Pakistan. He serves as Chief Financial Officer of FFP.

Yusra Ashraf

HR Supervisor

Ms. Yusra Ashraf is blooming social activist and a visionary young student. She has been awarded multiple national awards and have participated in many national events. She serves the FFP as HR supervisor.

Sharia Advisory

Our honourable advisors to guide us on the islamic matters according to sharia.

Faraz Aziz

Sharia Advisor

Mr. Faraz Aziz is our certified aalim-e-deen from the Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi, he has been advising various other companies and banks. We are glad to have him in team FFP.

Affan Rahim

Sharia Advisor

Mr. Affan Rahim is the certified aalim-e-deen from Jamia-tur-Rasheed, Karachi. he has been advising on various platforms since 2011. Professionally he is a business owner and serves FFP as a sharia advisor. We are glad to have him in team FFP.

FFP Awards

We have the following awards for our deserving and hard-working members!

Best Humanitarian Award

Award for anyone who has been most impactful in adding values to society with ideas and selfless hardwork. The one who has the real kind heart of humanity and strive to make them better!

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The highest award! Presented to the most hard-working and devoted individual who is passionate about the social service and has been tirelessly working without losing hope!

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Youth Leader Award

This award is for the most energetic & compassionate leader among the team who leads the campaigns efficiently, keep innovating new ideas and enable others on implementing them!

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Join us if you want to participate in the effort to improve our country & help humanity. We encourage fresh minds & ideas to bring the positive change to the society. FFP provides everyone a platform to come forward and do something about worsening situation of humanity.

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