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Corona Crisis

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Aid for Corona Pandemic

FFP is working on providing below mentioned during this pandemic

Initial Phase

Taskforce Unit Going B-I-G

Frontline Army (Medical Unit)

Employment | Aftaar

NGO Community Support & Partnerships

FFP Corona Eid Bazaar

Media Coverager

FFP Covid Helpline


Think For Generations

Foundation Fighting Poverty FFP is trying to stablize the situation in Pakistan due to Corona virus (Covid-19).

Corona has hit Pakistan both economically & fatally. FFP is fighting against corona (Covid-19) by providing food supplies to all the poor and unemployed citizens at their door step so that they can live peacefully inside their homes during lockdown.

FFP is also providing medical facilities to the doctors in the hospitals. Corona kits & N95 masks are unavailable to the doctors which is alarming and we at FFP are providing that assistance to people as well!

Donate as much as you can to FFP , your donation can help Pakistan stabilize in this pandemic situation after Corona (Covid-19) attack.

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