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Scope of Projects

FFP majorly works in these sectors

Education Project

FFP supports education in rural areas which consist of 70% ofpopulation. FFP manages education center in rahim yar khan and supports students at School/College/University with fees and other expenses.

Aqua Project

In Pakistan, there is a major shortage of water, in order to cater that, FFP aims to provide water borings, hand pumps, wells, and other means of water so everyone can benefit from this gift of God.


In Ramadan kareem FFP provides iftari to 50000+ people in various cities in Pakistan. In addition to this, Rashan is distributed to public at large.


FFP actively caters sadqa requests, aqiqah goats and contributed-sacrifice (Ijtimai Qurbani) for the general public. Meat is ditributed as per donor's request.

Climate Change

FFP believes in green world theory and actively contribute in plantation, nation-wide. FFP wishes to plant 100,000 trees by 2020 in Pakistan, InshaAllah.

Internship Opportunities

FFP provides platform to young students to come work for humanity, we are authorize and registered in multiple universities for internship programs and certifications.

Health Insurance

FFP will be providing health card to the needy people after strict verification process which can be utilized in various hospitals throughout the country.


FFP caters various miscellaneous cases including marriage, food distribution among needy people, income support programs, gender equality, seminars, counsel support, awareness campaigns, clothes distribution, and others.


Think For Generations

Foundation Fighting Poverty carefully selects the most needed sector and initiate project to help people for long-term benefit. Participating in long-term projects is sadqa-e-jariya and benefit for upcoming generations.

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