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Scope of Projects

FFP majorly works in these sectors

School Education

FFP encourages education in rural areas of Pakistan which consist of 70% of total population. FFP manages educational institute in rahim yar khan, punjab. In future, we are aiming for more such institutes nation-wide.

Aqua Project

In Pakistan, there is a major shortage of water, in order to cater that, FFP aims to provide water borings, hand pumps, wells, and other means of water so everyone can benefit from this gift of God.


In Ramadan kareem FFP provides iftari to 50000+ people in various cities in Pakistan. In addition to this, Rashan is distributed to public at large.

Climate Change

FFP believes in green world theory. FFP wishes to plant 100,000 trees by 2020 in Pakistan.

Internship Opportunities

FFP provides platform to young students to come work for humanity, we are authorize and registered in multiple universities for internship programs.

Khana Ghar

Food for all. Khana ghar is our project where anyone can come eat and pay whatever they want, as per their budget. In this way, self-respect and hunger both, can be taken care of.

Training Center

FFP is working on a training center to educate and create employment for the hard working people who are looking for an opportunity. This will empower them in earning on their own.

Health Card

FFP will be providing health card to the needy people after strict verification process which can be utilized in various hospitals for free medical treatment throughout the country.


Think For Generations

Foundation Fighting Poverty carefully selects the most needed sector and initiate project to help people for long-term benefit. Participating in long-term projects is sadqa-e-jariya and benefit for upcoming generations.

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